News - GolPhin Expands To UAE With New Partnership!

News - GolPhin Expands To UAE With New Partnership!

Dear GolPhin Community, 

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! GolPhin has officially partnered with Ryan Prince Golf, our new distribution partner in the United Arab Emirates, as we embark on a journey to bring the fun of golf to even more young enthusiasts. Meet Ryan Prince, affectionately known as "Princi."


Hailing from South Africa, Princi has called the UAE home for the past 11 years. His passion for junior golf was ignited back in 2006 during his time in South Florida, where he worked on a private golf estate. Having played golf since the age of 12 with a humble 7-iron gifted by his dad, Ryan is determined to put a 7-iron in every young golfer's hand.


His dedication to junior golf stems from the belief that young minds are like sponges, absorbing knowledge and skills eagerly. For Princi, instilling the right techniques from the start ensures a lifelong love for the game. His experience and love for teaching kids have fueled his dream of establishing a Junior development school, making golf accessible to all within the UAE.


What makes this partnership truly special is our shared vision. GolPhin's innovative and award-winning golf club design, tailored for 3-14 year-olds, aligns perfectly with Ryan's goal of revolutionizing the game for beginners. Together, we aim to make golf a success for junior players, breaking down barriers and showing that golf is truly a sport for everyone. In Princi's words, "Let's grow the game of golf one junior golfer at a time—the future depends on them." Join us on this exciting journey as GolPhin expands its reach to the UAE and beyond.


Together, we'll nurture the passion for golf in young hearts and shape the future of the sport.Stay tuned for more updates and adventures as we continue to make golf accessible, enjoyable, and successful for junior golfers around the world.


Warm regards,


Team GolPhin


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