The GolPhin GFK Range

The GolPhin GFK Range
Designed in the UK and manufactured from aerospace alloy, GolPhin's GFK clubs are 22% lighter than standard junior clubs, and benefit from a 35% larger sweet spot.

    The GFK range has been created to aid younger players in developing a better technique and to promote quicker engagement by helping them to get the ball into the air quickly and easily, the GolPhin GFK products are paving a pathway for success.

    Product is only one part of GolPhin's strategy to facilitate increased participation in the game on a global scale, but seeing his own children struggle to grasp the game at a young age was the spark that made Founder and CEO Calum McPherson use his engineering and aerospace background to create a product that would help inspire younger children to want to play our great game.

    Calum McPherson said, "as an industry we have done an inherently bad job at providing our children with equipment that is adequate for their size and abilities. Whether that be cutting down adult clubs that are too heavy, allowing them to hit the same ball as Rory Mcilroy plays, or throwing them onto the course to play 18 holes from the ladies’ tees.

    If we look at all other successful sports, they have done a much better job than we have so far at scaling the game relative to the participant. They've also done a much better job at creating accessibility at a very young age which is why we (GolPhin) are focusing so much effort on the under 8-year olds, and even working on a pre-school programme to introduce the game to 3 and 4-year olds.

    Our aim is to provide equipment that makes the game easier for younger children and beginners through our GFK range as well as our Flipper golf balls and Clicker golf balls. We see the kids having so much fun when they see the ball fly through the air versus it scurrying across the ground. If we are to create lifetime golfers, we need these kids to enjoy the game from day one, to keep them engaged and to keep them coming back."

    Not only do GolPhin provide junior clubs for beginners, but their  GFK+ range has been designed to give competitive junior players a new highly performing product to consider. Initial TrackMan data is showing the GFK+ to outperform other leading brands by nearly 10 yards.

    You can find out more about the technology behind both the GFK and GFK+ range of GolPhin junior clubs here: