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The GFK Range

Designed to inspire beginning junior golfers to have fun and develop a great swing.

Voted Best Junior Golf Clubs by GolfDigest.

The GFK Range for Junior Golf Beginners

The GFK+ Range

Designed to help kids progress from beginners to kids competition golf.

Proven to outperform all other junior golf clubs.

The GFK+ Range for Improving Junior Golfers

Why our GFK clubs are the best junior golf clubs

The technology that has revolutionised kids golf:

GFK 910 #7 Irons / 9-10 yrs / 52.5"-57"
  • Radial Profile Makes Club Suitable for All Ages

  • 35% Larger Sweet Spot for More Great Shots

  • Weight Distribution Favours the Lower Half of the Club Head­

  • Made with High Quality Aerospace Alloy that is 22% Lighter than Standard Junior Clubs

Recommended by Golf's Leading Names


“I was researching kids' golf clubs for my niece and nephew, and it quickly became clear that there was one brand that stood out above all the rest: GolPhin.  So naturally I got them and the kids love them!  GolPhin clubs are the perfect way to get kids started in golf." 

"GolPhin's range of clubs help kids to learn and enjoy golf from the very beginning. The clubhead design and properly flexed shafts get the ball airborne so quickly. Best kids clubs I've ever seen."

"Confidence leads to enjoyment, and with this revolutionary product from GolPhin there has never been an easier golf club to help the beginner enjoy the game."

"The best junior golf club innovation I have ever seen! The lightweight clubhead and other design features mean younger kids can be taught a proper swing technique from an early age."

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