GFK 910 Putters / 9-10 yrs / 52.5"-57"

GFK 910 Putters / 9-10 yrs / 52.5"-57"

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GFK 910 Putters

Our range of GFK 910 putters offers growing golfers the ability to partake in the sport with equipment that has been specially made for them.

A golf putter can be the difference between your junior player having a fun game or having a frustrating game.

With GolPhin GFK technology we have created a putter that is perfectly suited to your junior players. It can offer them a fun game of golf where they will be able to learn as they go.

Sometimes the last thing you need is unnecessarily advanced gear that requires skill to use. This style of gear may even burn a child out.

We’re not about that. We want to develop little one’s passion for the game with putters that encourage their development and help them love the sport.

Putting can be a frustrating skill to learn so there’s no point in rushing to putting with competition clubs.

Specially Designed For 9 To 10-Year-Olds

Our 910 putters are designed to perfectly suit a 9 to 10-year-old child’s frame. This provides them with a comfortable putter that doesn’t feel awkwardly sized or weighted.

Our putters encourage proper posture and offer your junior player the ability to focus on their putting instead of how to best leverage an ill-fitting club.

The best bit? It’ll last. As well as being made from reliable materials this club will accommodate your child as they grow from 52.5" to 57" tall.

While they’re still learning, there’s no better putter to treat your junior golfer!

Siteline For Sharp Shots

We have also included a nifty sideline so that those who are learning to putt can line up their shots and focus on their stroke.

It helps them develop their accuracy. The best bit is it can be switched on and off depending on how difficult a shot is.

This innovative design will add some more fun to the game and can be a great way to teach your little one how to set up putts.

GolPhin; A Trusted Brand

Golf Australia, PGA of Germany, and Scottish Golf recommend our gear for junior players.

It’s no wonder, we test a lot of our gear against other junior golf clubs and GolPhin always comes out on top.

As junior golf club specialists, we seek to create a range of clubs that keeps golf fun and engaging.

More Than Just Golf Clubs

Whether it’s full sets, golf balls or apparel that you want, GolPhin can help you out with a wide range of products to help get your child started.

We want to help little ones learn too, so we have released a free instructional series and an app, MYPATHWAY 2GOLF, which allows for fun immersive development for junior players.

For more on how we can help get your child started, feel free to contact the team

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