GFK Drivers

    Kids Golf Drivers

    Nicknamed as the ‘big dog’, the golf driver is the largest and most powerful club in the bag. As such, it’s not the easiest club to master for young golfers. To make sure your kids are not discouraged when trying to get the hang of this difficult swing, you’ll need to equip them with a good golf driver to match their age and abilities. 

    Here at GolPhin, we use advanced technologies to achieve added forgiveness, higher launch and improved carry for a great start to any hole. Our range of kids’ golf drivers can suit the age, height, strength, and dexterity of any junior golfer.

    On this page you can find both right and left-handed junior golf drivers for children between the ages of 3-10, available in a few different colour options - lime green, orange, pink, blue and red. 

    Golf Drivers Ideal For Children Aged 3-10

    Junior golfers don’t have the same strength or skill level as adult players. Therefore, kids’ golf drivers need to be consistent with the child’s level of strength and capacity to wield the club. 

    With this in mind, GolPhin designs and manufactures junior-specific golf drivers, featuring lighter club heads, appropriately matched flex and weight shafts, low kick point, a larger sweet spot and more.

    Lighter Build

    All of our kids’ golf drivers are built using aerospace alloy and with a high loft range to make them lighter and promote a higher launch and more clubhead speed for junior golfers. What’s more, these high-performing drivers come fitted with a lightweight graphite shaft, allowing the golfer to learn the importance of swing speed.

    Forgiving Drivers

    The GFK drivers are designed with an oversized head and an increased sweet spot, which makes them more forgiving on off-centre strikes. Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the GFK drivers also feature a few grooves along the face to help decrease spin and improve control. All these things taken together make GolPhin’s drivers the perfect choice for aspiring young golfers.

    Getting Kids Into Golf

    We believe that enjoyment of the game is the quickest and most effective way to spark and sustain kids’ interest in golf. This is why we design and develop junior-specific golf clubs that help any keen young golfer to the most enjoyment from the game, boosting both their abilities and confidence. 

    Our exceptional golf clubs have been created in partnership with Europe’s leading engineering university, guidance from The R&A and input from a group of PGA professionals, to ensure the highest standard of quality and performance.

    Making An Impact

    GolPhin is fully dedicated to inspiring golf’s next generation. To do this, we educate children about golf through interactive school programmes, seminars and webinars for golf coaches, and we hone kids’ golfing skills through TEAM orientated competitions.

    Get Your Kids Golf Driver Right Now

    GolPhin’s award-winning golf clubs are available for purchase in the UK and are shipped across a range of European countries. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you’re welcome to return or exchange the product you've bought.

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