GFK 728 Putters / 7-8 yrs / 48"-52.5"
GFK 728 Putters / 7-8 yrs / 48"-52.5"

GFK 728 Putters / 7-8 yrs / 48"-52.5"

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GFK 728 Putters

A proper putter can be the difference between a good game and a great game. This is especially true when players are young and developing their passion for the game.

Our 728 range offers kids a comfortable putter that will allow them to make that perfect putt and improve their game.

These putters provide juniors with the tailored comfort that they need to focus on their golfing over everything else.

When players are still young, shoddy equipment can lead to frustrating games. This can be all that’s needed to dissuade them from the fantastic sport. 

We want to make sure that never happens with our high-quality premium products like the GFK 728 Putters.

A Specially Designed Putter That Encourages Development 

Our great 728 putters have been tested and designed so that they provide tailored putting for 7-year-olds and 8-year-olds.

We don’t like to see junior players’ performances hamstrung by poor, ill-fitting equipment that spoils the game for them. They deserve better.

Our innovative technology allows junior players to get some use out of their putters before having to size up.

We also offer both left and right handles options and they will last from when they are 48" to 52.5" tall. A perfect option for growing players.

Sharpshooting Sightline

This brilliant putter comes with a sightline that allows junior players to line up their shots more easily and clearly.

It is a great way for them to get an idea of how to set up that perfect putt and let’s be honest - we all wish we had one of these when we started out.

Why You Should Trust Golphin

Our products are recommended by major golfing associations such as Golf Australia, PGA of Germany, and Scottish Golf as a top option for their young players.

We know that starting players young could develop a lifelong passion and love for the game. We want to make sure that kids are having fun with the best tried and tested equipment available to them.

Our mission is to produce some of the best junior clubs on the market and having tested many of our products against competitors, we think we’ve done just that!

More Than Just Golf Clubs With GolPhin

We have a wide range of products for junior golfers whether you’re looking for full sets, golf balls or even apparel.

That’s not all, we want to help develop junior players so we have released an instructional series with our resident certified PGA coach, and it’s totally free!

We also have a fun interactive app called MYPATHWAY 2GOLF which offers juniors an engaging experience that will help develop their love for the game.
For any further queries about our GFK 728 Putters, or any other GolPhin products and services, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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