Learn Golf Basics from Liam Sullivan – GolPhin PGA Professional

Do you want your little ones to learn the fundamentals of golf from an accredited and experienced coach? Usually, it would be expensive to get some tutelage from a PGA Pro, and that’s if your local area even has access to one.

At GolPhin, we believe golf is for everyone, and to keep it fun and accessible we have decided to release weekly golf tutorials for kids. Every week our resident golfing ace Liam Sullivan makes sure all of our GolPhin customers know exactly what they are doing with his instructional videos; “learning with Liam”.

Each video is just a minute long and extremely informative, with clear expert advice from Liam who’s great at breaking down the technicalities of golf. They’re fun, accessible for all ages, and made for the love of golf. Liam has an advanced certificate in golf coaching, so you know you are getting reliable instruction in his tutorials. 

He covers the basics all the way up to the more advanced stuff, like draw and fade shots. Liam has lots of practical tips that make the process of learning golf fun and easy. From hiding one of your thumbs under your other palm when gripping your club to learning the backswing positioning by holding your club into your chest and making sure it stays horizontal as you twist your hips, Liam has you covered with all the tricks of the trade.

How to Backswing

How to hold a Golf Club

How to Weight Transfer

How to Downswing

How to Flop Shot

How to Draw Shot

How to Fade Shot

How to Set Up A Drive


Who Is Liam

Our PGA qualified coach has more than ten years of experience in the world of golf and even with our bite-sized videos, you can see his passion for the sport and desire to pass his skills onto the next generation of keen golf players.

With experience in pro and pro-am PGA golf tournaments, Liam has seen it all and knows what junior players need to build a great foundation for their golfing careers.

Get In Touch

We love feedback from our customers on our great GolPhin products and with our Learning With Liam series that remains true. If our instructional videos helped out your junior player we would love to hear from you in the comments section under the youtube video. Or better yet, send us a photo or video that shows your junior star practising Liam’s technique that week.

Where To Find Learning With Liam

Our Learning With Liam videos are available on our youtube channel and our Facebook page, get quick access to the videos here on our website too. We hope you enjoy our Learning with Leam instructional series, it really is a great resource for kids who want to get into the game.

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