Golf Club Covers

    Golf Club Covers For Kids

    So, your little one is falling in love with golf and you have kitted them out with a great set of clubs.

    The next step is to teach them about proper maintenance so that their clubs last through the test of time. Maintenance is a practice that they’ll carry all throughout their golf career.

    So, you want to make sure that their clubs are properly maintained and aren’t banging against each other while being carried about.

    You also want to make sure that they aren’t getting unnecessarily wet while they are on the field.

    A high-quality golf club cover is a great place to start when teaching your child about the daily maintenance needed to play golf.

    So when you’re getting your little one started, why not get them something fun? Something that they’ll definitely not forget to put onto their club heads at the end of a long day’s GolPhin!

    Have Some Fun With The GolPhin Dolphin

    Our golf club covers come featuring the GolPhin Dolphin, a fun and funky way to cover your clubs.

    While little ones may forget to put their cover on at the end of a long day of golfing, they’ll definitely remember to put their dolphin on!

    It’s a bit different and reflects what we think junior golfing is all about - having fun while developing a passion for this great game.

    Colour Options

    Whether you’re going pink or blue, it’s up to you! You can choose a colour that your little one prefers.

    Or why not get both which will allow your junior player to easily differentiate between two of their clubs while playing.

    Why Go With GolPhin

    Our high-quality kids golfing products are specially designed to promote development.

    We want juniors to get better and better, but first and foremost our focus is further developing their love for the game. That’s why we come out with fun and engaging products like the GolPhin Dolphin that we know that your little one will love!

    With our focus on junior golfing gear, we know that our products are a step above the rest. We even go as far as testing some of our gear against competitors and find that we always come out on top.

    We are trusted by a number of major leagues for kids clubs. We seek to continue developing our clubs so that we can make golfing fun and immersive for kids getting started out.

    GolPhin: Here To Help Your Little One Learn

    You may also be interested in our full sets, golf balls, or apparel to make sure that your junior player is fully ready for the golf course.

    Our product helps little ones learn and we don’t just stop there, we also offer a free online instructional series and an app, MYPATHWAY 2GOLF, to help juniors fall in love with this great game.

    For any more information please feel free to contact the GolPhin team.