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    Golf Irons for Kids

    When it comes to choosing golf clubs for your kids, irons are where much of the decision making takes place. Golf irons are responsible for a variety of shot types, which makes them one of the most important golf clubs in the bag. Therefore, finding the right golf irons is essential for improving your child’s game.   

    Great for juniors that range in ages from 3 through 10, GolPhin’s kids’ golf irons are specifically designed with your child’s needs in mind. 

    Engineered with innovative aerospace technology and oversized clubheads, our kids' golf irons are easy to swing, helping young golfers launch the ball high and straight. What’s more, the irons feature a large sweet spot and graphite shafts to further hone your child’ golf game.  

    Lightweight & Easy-To-Use Junior Golf Irons

    For parents of juniors new to golf, it can be tricky figuring out the best golf irons for kids in the 3 to 10 years old age range. This is because the vast majority of children’s golf irons available today are made way too heavy for children or the "swing weight" is too heavy. 

    Our mission is to develop better quality kids golf clubs that are age and height appropriate by utilising a unique design to make our golf clubs 22% lighter than other junior golf clubs. 

    Improvements In Distance & Accuracy

    GolPhin’s kids’ golf irons deliver the desired combination of fast ball speed, accuracy, consistent distance, and limited penalty when you have a slightly off-centre ball strike. 

    The GFK irons have a lightweight feel with an aerospace alloy construction that allows young golfers to generate a high level of ball speed at contact. In turn, the extra speed helps deliver more distance, even on off-centre ball strikes thanks to the larger-than-average sweet spot. 

    The irons also feature graphite shafts to make them easier to swing, whilst the oversized club heads offer plenty of forgiveness.

    Keeping Young Golfers In The Game

    Our goal is to not only spark an interest and get kids into golf early but also to encourage them to keep playing it for years to come. 

    We do this by introducing kids to the joys of golf through a multi-level approach, including developing award-winning golf equipment that is suited to their physical size and strength, educating children through world-class school golf programmes, and involving them in TEAM orientated competitions. 

    A Trusted Golf Brand

    Our golf clubs are enjoyed worldwide by tens of thousands of kids and are the product of choice for various global organisations, including the likes of Golf Australia, Leadbetter Academies, PGA of Germany and Scottish Golf. 

    We believe that our excellent reputation bears testament to the quality of our products and the unwavering trust people have in our brand. 

    Order Your Golf Irons Today

    The GFK clubs are available for purchase in the UK and are shipped across a number of European countries. If not 100% satisfied, customers are able to return or exchange their purchase by following the instructions in our returns policy. 

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