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GFK Golf Balls


    Get Your Child Started Right With GFK Golf Balls

    When you’re getting your little one started in golf it’s always an idea to encourage their progress through high-quality gear.

    When a child is starting out there’s no need for competition spec golfing equipment. Instead, something that keeps the game fun is far better.

    You don’t want to get your child started out on smaller and heavier golf balls that they can’t quite drive as far as they want to. That has the potential to ruin the fun of the game and burn out a child’s passion for golf.

    Because of that, we offer a GFK kids’ golf ball range that your junior player will be able to drive or putt easily.

    A junior player making a long shot for the first time can be rewarding and may embolden their love for golf, so why not make it a bit easier?

    They have a lifetime to perfect their shots with a senior golf ball. But with junior golf balls, you could offer them crucial development on swings that they may otherwise not be able to make yet.

    Larger Golf Balls

    Our larger golf balls help little ones develop their shots before they have had the chance to refine their accuracy.

    The 64mm flipper range will help them set up shots and work on their game while still enjoying the sport of golf.

    Missing again and again and again can be frustrating, and when players are young it’s all about having fun.

    The flipper offers a soft introduction into the game with a lightweight ball that they will be able to drive and putt with greater success.

    Smaller Golf balls 

    The smaller golf balls that we have to offer allow our players to move on to a more realistic golf ball without having to make a straight switch.

    The clicker which is 42mm in diameter will allow them to work with a smaller golf ball, while still providing players with a similar experience to a real golf ball. It offers some space for fun and development.

    The clicker, while more similarly sized, is still lightweight and will be much safer than a senior’s golf ball. This makes it a great option for junior days.

    More Reliability With GolPhin

    Our products are trusted by Golf Australia, PGA of Germany, and Scottish Golf, so you know when you are getting GolPhin, you’re getting top quality materials.

    We believe in making golf fun as well as making it accessible for kids of all ages and abilities, which is why our golf ball range is perfect for new players starting out.

    Kit Your Junior Out

    Whether it’s full sets or apparel, GolPhin has you covered for all your needs. And not just that, we can get your junior started on the right track with our free instructional series

    For more on how we can help your little one get the most out of their GolPhin, please contact our team.