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The GFK+ Range


    Junior Golf Clubs

    Fitting your youngster with the appropriate golf clubs is crucial to their success on the golf course and overall interest in the game. With this in mind, GolPhin has designed an exclusive range of junior golf clubs that are perfect for golfers aged 7-14 who have a little experience under their belts.

    From high-performance package sets to individual golf clubs, including drivers, wood, hybrids, irons and pitching wedges in right and left-handed clubs, the GFK+ range offers everything you need for a great shot.

    Our GFK+ junior golf clubs have been proven to outperform other leading junior club brands; with the GFK irons consistently producing greater hitting power and much longer carry.

    Junior Golf Clubs With Superior Quality

    GFK+ has been tested against all other leading junior clubs and proven to outperform all other brands. A fact we are extremely proud of and something that can give you peace of mind that you are making the right choice with us. 

    Innovative Lightweight Technology

    The weight of the golf club is an essential consideration when it comes to choosing clubs for young golfers. This is because if the club is too heavy, the child will have difficulty getting to the right place at the top of the swing, leading to them learning improper swing mechanics. 

    GolPhin's GFK+ clubs are all constructed with ultra-strong and yet lightweight graphite to make them more playable for young people. The clubs are also 22% lighter than traditional junior clubs to help first-time and younger golfers to learn to hit balls, have fun and see quick success.

    Clubs Designed With Young Golfers In Mind

    Each of the junior golf clubs and sets in the GFK+ series has been custom-engineered to fit golfers aged 7-14, ensuring young golfers get the very best performance out of their golf game. Designed in 4 stages, club weight and shaft increases as the child grows taller and more proficient.

    The drivers, woods, and hybrids offer plenty of forgiveness and playability, meanwhile, the key design characteristic with the irons is an oversized clubhead with graphite shafts, which ensures ease of use. High-flight grooves help generate more spin on the golf ball to increase the trajectory for an added distance down the course, whilst the higher loft enables junior players to maximise carry distance off the tee.

    A Golf Brand You Can Trust

    Passion for the game begins with your first set of golf clubs. This is why GolPhin designs and manufactures innovative and high-quality products to satisfy the needs of young, aspiring golfers, and keep them in the game.

    Our golf clubs are enjoyed by tens of thousands of kids around the world and are a trusted first choice for many renowned organisations such as Golf Australia, Leadbetter Academies, PGA of Germany and Scottish Golf.

    Motivating Junior Golfers

    GolPhin takes a holistic approach to introduce kids to the joys of golf, including equipping them with the right clubs, educating them through world-class school golf programmes, enhancing their experience of the game through its dedicated digital platform, and involving them in TEAM orientated competitions. 

    Get Your Junior Golf Clubs Now

    Our junior golf clubs are available for purchase in the UK and across a number of European countries. We offer our customers the ability to return or exchange their products in case they are not 100% satisfied with their purchase, whatever the reason may be.

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