The GolPhin education materials are designed to help schools deliver a literacy, numeracy and health & wellbeing programme through the medium of golf, which will inspire a future generation of junior golfers.

GolPhin’s education programmes provide school teachers, golf coaches working in schools, young leaders, parents, carers and young people with an exciting and comprehensive package of learning resources which are linked to the national curriculum. It offers the opportunity to build a range of curricular experiences that will deliver learning opportunities through participation in fun challenges. The programme offers those working with young people a high class CPD opportunity alongside quality learning materials.

The programme is geared towards inspiring 3 – 12 years olds to play sport and who want to experience golf. In addition it supports teachers, coaches and after school youth workers to further develop the childrens:
  • Physical competences
  • Confidence
  • Organisational skills
  • Group cooperation and sharing skills
  • Supporting others
  • Cognitive skills
  • Physical fitness
  • Coordination including gross and fine motor skills
  • Personal qualities
  • Numeracy attainment
  • Literacy attainment
GolPhin in Schools resources include:
MyPathway2Golf Kids Learning Journals
Early Years (3 - 5), Early Level (5 - 6), 1st Level (7 - 9) and 2nd Level (10 - 12)
designed to allow children to set up and play golf games in class lessons, after-school clubs and at home.
Journals are interactive and allow children to document what they have experienced and learned with support from their teachers, coaches, parents/carers and youth workers.
Content Includes:
  • Games to play at school
  • Games to play at home
  • Numeracy tasks
  • Literacy tasks
  • Skills challenges
  • Design your own short golf course
  • How to play different shots
  • Safety when practicing and playing
  • Golf verbs, nouns and adjectives
All activities are accessible through QR coded interactive videos, making it easy to understand, set up and play. These provide an additional learning resource for staff and young people.
Task Cards
Task cards are used in conjunction  with the MyPathway2Golf kids journals, allowing teachers to assign children golf activities to play and learn at home, building on what they have learnt at school.
Teacher CPD Training and Workbook
An “In-house” twilight course designed to fit into teacher’s busy schedules is a core component of the programme. Our interactive workshop is designed to equip teachers and coaches working in schools with all the knowledge and information they need to confidently run golf activities with their class in lesson time or as after school club.
The CPD workbook
This includes:
  • How to set up and play GolPhin games
  • How to manage space and time to maximise learning time
  • How to develop numeracy, literacy and health and well-being skills with their class
  • How to set up and manage skills challenges
  • How to assign GolPhin games to play at home
  • How to ensure all activities are safe and fun
  • Experiences and outcomes benchmarking tables to assess children’s attainment
  • Further development of teaching and coaching communication skills
Young Leader Training and Workbook
Our unique and sector-leading young leaders’ course is designed to develop the right skills young people require to take on leadership roles and responsibilities throughout their lives. In addition to leadership skills, it offers young people the basic skills to support the delivery of golf games, practice and events at schools and golf clubs. The programme is certificated and demonstrates for employers and higher education providers the leadership skills learned and is a fantastic addition to any young persons CV.
Young Leader Workbook includes
  • How to set up, organise and plan activities
  • How to explain activities to children
  • How to provide positive feedback to children during activities
  • How to keep activities safe
  • How to make activities fun
  • A range of core leadership skills
Master Schools Coaching Pack
Designed to provide schools with all the appropriate amount of golf equipment to run sessions during both curriculum time and in after-school clubs, avoiding queuing time and maximising opportunities for children to develop their skills.