GFK 526 Kids Stand Bags / 5-6 yrs / 43.5"-48" - GolPhin UK
GFK 526 Kids Stand Bags / 5-6 yrs / 43.5"-48" - GolPhin UK

GFK 526 Kids Stand Bags / 5-6 yrs / 43.5"-48"

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GFK 526 Kids Golf Bag / 5-6 Years / 43.5” – 48”

For young golfers of the 5-6 age range, it is about having fun and letting them explore the sport, possibly for the first time. It marks the beginning of their relationship with the sport and will help define if this is the sport for them. 

It is crucial that you don’t allow anything to get in the way for them, and this includes their clubs. No kid wants to carry about a heavy, lofty, cumbersome bag for a day on the course – it can be very tiresome and could even put them off playing.

Golf is meant to be fun! So, with the GFK 526 Golf Bag, you can get rid of the hassle of club management for them and let them enjoy the sport fully.

Sturdy, Lightweight, And Easy To Use

The GFK 526 Gold Bag has been designed with the child golfer in mind. Its graceful design features a robust stand to keep it upright, and a two-strap harness that makes the bag easier to carry.

Not only that, but the high-quality materials means that you will get a long lease of life from it. 

And kids will love it! It comes in different colours and has plenty of storage pockets for anything your child may want with them on the course.

Designed By Professionals

Here at Golphin, we have made it our goal to produce high-end equipment for children’s golfing, to make sure that the younger generations get some of the best gear they can to start their golfing career off with the right swing! 

The GFK 526 is designed for 43.5” to 48” to give ample space for everything a young golfer needs, without being oversized for them.

Our gear is even trusted by some of the top associations in golf such as Golf Australia, Scottish Golf, and PGA of Germany.

Support Their Passion!

Why not take a look at our comprehensive, high-quality full golfing sets for your young one?

Part of what we do here at GolPhin is supporting the development of young golfers, and the people teaching them. With this in mind, we provide a free instructional series for kids and an app that clubs can use when teaching kids about the sport.

Contact GolPhin Today!

Our golfing experts are ready to help. Let’s make sure that your junior player gets the right equipment and support that they need to grow and learn. Click here to contact us today!

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